Cylinder Position Calculation

Cylinder Position Calculation


How is position calculated on a cylinder?

Similar Case:

The cylinder is being moved upon completion in Automate/Auto Inspect.
The cylinder is being moved when adding it to the Report Manager.


In Report Manager, whether the Cylinder is added from Measure or captured using Automate/Auto Inspect with an active Alignment, the Cylinder Measurement in Report Manager will be moved up or down from the center of the Measured Cylinder to the center of the Nominal Cylinder to support the evaluation of the Position over the entire Nominal Cylinder Length. Below is an explanation that will go into the calculation further.

The deviation shown per axis shown in the Report Manager is the deviation at the center point of the Measured Cylinder. However, the values shown are not used to calculate the Position of the Cylinder. To correctly calculate the Position per ASME Y 14.5, we must Report the Position along the Measured Cylinder Vector over the full length of the Nominal Cylinder. In this case, the Nominal Length of the Cylinder is .1122, which results in a Position of .0036.

We have created Pierce Points from Cylinder10 over the Length of the Nominal Cylinder (.1122) and performed an Analysis to show the deviation matches the Position in the Report Manager.

For example, suppose you change the Nominal Cylinder length in the Report Manager to .0001. In that case, you will notice the Position deviation changes to .0030, which matches the results from the True Position calculation of 2 x SQRT(XVAR2 + YVAR2). This is because when we Report the Position along the Measured Cylinder Vector over .0001, the deviation between the Pierce Points and Center Point of Cylinder10 over that length is less than a micron.

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