Installing Verisurf Learning Edition (VLE)

Installing Verisurf Learning Edition (VLE)

Use the following instructions for downloading and installing the free Verisurf Learning Edition (VLE).

1.       Download VLE  to a location on your computer.

2.       When the download completes, go to the computer location of the download and double left mouse click (dlmc) on the Verisurf Installer.

3.       The Setup initializes and then starts;

a.       Choose the Default installation type.

b.       Agree to Terms and Conditions.

c.       Select Install.

 If prompted, run all Updates.

4.       When the installation completes;

a.       Select to run the Verisurf Device Interface Install.

b.       Choose Finish. You will be taken to the Verisurf Device Interface Downloads page, complete the download and run the file.

5.       Choose Next.

6.       Agree to the License Terms and choose Next.

7.       Select the Devices you would like to install and choose Next.

8.       The installation begins.

If prompted, run all required Repairs and Updates.
9.       The Verisurf Device Interface install completes; choose Finish.

10.   The Device Setup dialog appears; select OK to complete the Verisurf and Verisurf Device Interface Installation.

Activating the Verisurf Learning Edition License

1.       You can start the License Activation process using one of the following methods;

a.       Double click on the Verisurf Icon on the computer desktop. When prompted, say “Yes” to “Do you have an activation code?”

b.       Or go to the Windows Start menu, locate the Mastercam Licensing Utilities App, and select Activation Wizard.

2.       In the Mastercam Product Activation Wizard, you will step through three dialogs;

a.       Select Online Activation/Deactivation.

b.       Select to Activate New License.

c.       Accept the Terms and Conditions.

3.       You are now prompted for the Activation Code. Use standard Windows Copy/Paste functionality to fill in the fields in the dialog by selecting the License Number and Activation Code below; choose next when successful:

  1. License Number:    W323926
  2. Activation Code:    8D68-B34E-0F31-4694-95F9-CE46-01D4-9438

4.       The Activation Wizard then connects to the Licensing Server and Retrieves the Licensing Information; in the Verify License Information dialog, confirm the information and select Next to continue.

5.      The Activation Wizard contacts the Activation Server, select Next to complete the process, the Product Activation Successful dialog appears, and select Finish to close the Activation Wizard.


6.       Double click on the Verisurf icon on the computer desktop and Accept the Mastercam User Agreement; Mastercam starts. You will receive a prompt saying that Verisurf access codes are not present. Click OK.

7.       Copy the Code below, Paste it into the Manual Code Entry field, and select Save Manual Codes; you are now ready to use Verisurf Learning Edition.

Code:    wfycODnz4PLyz5Qj3nmno6AgDvSWQ+kYbZGfvEGrGCygjTOdZTkd

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