Mastercam Very Slow When Using Temp or Software Licenses

Mastercam Very Slow When Using Temp or Software Licenses


Mastercam acts as though the program is frozen and commands take a long time to process when using a full software license. (Note: We have received a report of the same issue with a temporary license.)


The software license is being pinged repeatedly causing the software to slow down and act as if it has locked up.

In the CodeMeter Control Center, the event log will have similar events to these:

DATE TIME: Access from local(IPV6)(COMPUTER NAME) to FC:PC=6000109:100 with NoUserLimit (Handle #)

DATE TIME: Access from local(IPV6)(COMPUTER NAME) (SID 0x00) to FC:PC=6000109:1700 with StationShare Mode (Handle #) (Sharing with handle #)

In the Mastercam Event Viewer, these events will be seen over and over again:

License for product code 100 is invalid. Successful reconnection.

License for product code 1700 is invalid. Successful reconnection.


This issue has been addressed in the 6.9 release of CodeMeter. Download and install this version of CodeMeter on the computer having this issue from here:

If additional assistance is still required after performing these steps, please call Verisurf Support at 1-888-713-7201

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