Technical Tip - Automated Repeatability Survey in Verisurf

Technical Tip - Automated Repeatability Survey in Verisurf


Repeatability Surveys are an integral part of Statistical Process Control (SPC) to ferret out systematic errors and instabilities in manufacturing processes. Verisurf makes this an easy task:

  1. Set up and measure your reference points to orient the laser tracker to the product in question.
  2. Align and then measure the points you wish to monitor. This initial measurement set is your baseline.
  3. Create a Plan (Report) with the baseline measurements.
  4. In the Report Manager, RMC on the points and select Change Measure Settings. In Measure Settings, select Automated and then OK.


  1. Go to Preferences, in Projection Settings set Project To, to "Point." In Auto-Inspect Settings, select Loop on completion. For details on other controls, consult our Verisurf Preference Reference Guide in the Verisurf 2021 Docs folder on your Desktop.

  1. In the Measure Manager, select Toggle Auto-Inspect from the toolbar.

  1. Then choose Clear All and Auto Inspect; the Plan starts.
  2. When using a Laser Tracker, the tracker runs in a continuous loop collecting data until stopped.
  1. You may "Pause" between surveys by adding a Comment to the Plan (Report).
  2. Select Timer Prompt and add time (in seconds) to pause between passes.
  3. Add a Timer Prompt between Target Points to Dwell, allowing the operator to move the SMR ahead to the next Target Point.
  1. You may analyze the Data within Verisurf, collect it in a database format, or export it to Excel™ for further analysis.

Need Help?

If additional assistance is still required after performing these steps, please feel free to contact Verisurf Support:

  1. Toll-free technical telephone support: (888)713-7201
  2. Support Email:

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