Technical Tip - Locating the Equator's ERQ-6 Tool Rack

Technical Tip - Locating the Equator's ERQ-6 Tool Rack


The ERQ-6 tool Rack is not a permanently located fixture and, if moved, requires its new location to be registered within the UCC Server Software.

  1. Use easily removable tape to hold back all six spring-loaded covers on the tool rack.

  1. Load the 5MM Ref using Verisurf I++ CMM interface, and select the Probe Icon (near Right).

  1. From the Probe Manager dialog, dropdown box, select the RefTool and then select the green check to OK (far Right).

  1. Disable the touch probe:
  1. From the operators' hand pendant (shown below), depress the Probe disable button.
  2. No measured data returns to the CMM host computer.

  1. From the UCC Server, select the Machine tab.

  1. On the Setup Machine page, go to the Rack column and Right Mouse Click on EQR-6.
  1. Select Edit, the Rack and Ports dialog opens:

  1. Select the Ports tab.
  2. In the Port Number data field, use the dropdown to select the Port you want to align.
  1. With the tool rack covers held back (Step 1), manually drive the Equator's probe head to the Tool change position that you are locating.
  1. Position the head with the Probe installed so that the SH25-2 tool's groove aligns with the tool holder's fingers.


  1. Once the tool is in the correct location, go to the UCC Server EQR-6 dialog box.
  1. Ensure the correct Port displays in the Port Number data field.
  2. Left-Click on the Red icon next to the X, Y, Z Delta coordinates to record location.

  1. To locate all the ports, manually move the tool out of the tool rack; repeat steps 6 thru 9.

Need Help?

If additional assistance is still required after performing these steps, please feel free to contact Verisurf Support:

  1. Toll-free technical telephone support: (888)713-7201
  2. Support Email:

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