Technical Tip - Transferring Verisurf Settings

Technical Tip - Transferring Verisurf Settings


When you configure Preferences, you typically want these “Default” settings to apply to all Verisurf installations. This Tech Tip outlines how to use the “XML” Files to control the default Configuration.

See the Tech Tip – Saving your Verisurf Settings for details on modifying and saving your Verisurf Settings.


Controlling Verisurf Settings is done using either the VerisurfSettings_Inch.xml or VerisurfSettings_Metric.xml files, depending on your Unit preference. You can “copy” these files from a Verisurf Computer with the desired configuration and load the files onto the new Computer or into the directories of newer Verisurf installations.

  1. After customizing Preferences, go to either of the XML File Locations and Copy the VerisurfSettings_Inch.xml and/or VerisurfSettings_Metric.xml file.
  2. You can now; move this file to a secure location for use later; store it on an external drive to transfer to a different computer. You may also paste the file into the Directory of a newer Verisurf version (for instance, 2020 to 2021).
  3. The following table shows where the VerisurfSettings_Inch.xml and VerisurfSettings_Metric.xml file must reside.


XML File Locations


C:\Documents\My Mastercam2021\Mastercam\CONFIG

C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Shared Mastercam2021\Verisurf


C:\Documents\My Mastercam2020\Mastercam\CONFIG

C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Shared Mastercam2020\Verisurf


C:\Users\*Username*\Documents\my mcam2019\CONFIG

C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared Mcam2019\Verisurf


C:\Users\*Username*\Documents\my mcam2018\CONFIG

C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared Mcam2018\Verisurf


C:\Users\*Username*\Documents\my mcam2017\CONFIG

C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared Mcam2017\Verisurf

Need Help?

If additional assistance is still required after performing these steps, please feel free to contact Verisurf Support:

  1. Toll-free technical telephone support: (888)713-7201
  2. Support Email:

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