Technical Tip - VDI Device List January 2021 working

Technical Tip - VDI Device List January 2021 working

Verisurf Device Interface – Supported Device List

The current list of supported devices VDI 3.45.xxxxx

Device Type


Additional Details

Laser Trackers

API Laser Trackers

Radian, I-Probe 360, I-Scan 360

API OT2 Core

API Omnitrac - II



Si, Si2, X, Xi, Ion, Vantage, Vantage-S, 

Vantage-E, 6DoF Probe

Leica Trackers

AT401/402, AT901, LTD Series w/emScon, T-Probe, T-Mac, B-Probe

Leica Absolute Trackers

AT930, AT960, w/T-Probe, T-Scan

Laser Scanners

T-Scan Interface


Scanworks Romer Interface

WinRDS Arms only

Scanworks NDI Interface

Metris Laser Radar

MV224 and MV260

Microscan 3D Arm Scanner

Microscribe Arm with RSI Scanner

Kreon Scanner Arm

Faro USB Arms, Romer WinRDS Arms, Bases 3D Arms

Kreon Skiron Scan Arm

Using Microscribe 6 axis arms

Nikon Laser Radar

MV330 and MV350

Portable CMM Arms

Bases 3D Arm


Gold and Silver Arms - Using RS232 Connection


Edge/Prime/Fusion/Quantum/Platinum w/USB

3DGage Arm


Absolute Master3DGage/Master3DGage


RDS Interface

Nikon/Metris MCA Arms

Microscribe 3D Arms

All G2 and MLX Series

Romer Absolute Arms

including Arms with Optional Scanner using RDS Interface

Romer WinRDS Arms – requires RDS 4.2.2 or higher to run in Windows 10

Infinite 2.0, Stinger, 1000, 3000 Series

Romer GDS Sigma Arm

Tomelleri Space Arm

3 Axis CMM’s

Verisurf USB/CMM Interface Box

USB R1.5 CMM Interface Box supports; Boice, Bridgeport, Brown & Sharpe, Coord3, DEA, ELM, Fanamation, Federal, Ferranti, Giddings & Lewis, Helmel, IMS, ITP, C.E. Johansson, Kemco, LK Tool, MFO, Mitutoyo, Mora, Numerex, Oryzo, Picommn, Poli, Renault, Sheffield, Starrett, Stieffelmeyer, Tokio Boeki, Tokio Seimtsu, Tri Measure, Trimek, Wenzel, Seiss, Zett Mess

USB303 CMM Interface

Oryzo CMM 

CMM Digital Readout RS232 Interface

I++ CMM Interface

HAAS CNC Machine Interface

Renishaw UCC2 Controller, zCat Portable CMM

Deva DCC CMM Interface

Deva 037 Manual CMM Interface

3D Cameras

Aicon ProCam Interface

3D Creator Interface

Boulder Innovations 3D Creator Probe FlashPoint Interface

Creaform VxElements

For HandyProbe, HandyScan and MetraScan

NDI Portable CMM

Portable CMM and ToolTray

Faro 3D Imager Interface

Faro Cobalt Scanner, Faro AMP Scanner

OptiTrack Camera System

LDI Scanners


Steinbichler Scanner Interface

T-Track CS System, TScan, TScan Collect

VStars V-Script

V-Stars M and D systems (with Dynamo)

Vicon Metrology Camera

Metronor CMM

Laser Projectors

Faro Projector 


Assembly Guidance

Virtek Projector

LAP Laser

Other Devices

Leica Total Station

TDA/TDM5000 Series

Leica Theodolite


Leica Laser Station 


Nikon HandHeld Device Interface

MMD and MMDx, Scanner, K600 Optical CMM, SpaceProbe Device for K600 Optical CMM

Metris iGPS 

RayTek Temperature Probe

Verisurf Device Development

3rd Party Metrology Interfaces

Calipers, Micrometers, and Hand Gages 

with Digital Interfaces

Universal Machine Interface

RS232 Input, TCP/IP Client, and File I/O Interfaces

Proliner CMM

Remoter CMM Interface

Need Help?

If additional assistance is still required after performing these steps, please feel free to contact Verisurf Support:

  1. Toll-free technical telephone support: (888)713-7201
  2. Support Email:
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