The Difference Between a Hardware and a Software Verisurf License

The Difference Between a Hardware and a Software Verisurf License

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Verisurf hardware and software license confusion.


With the advent of the software license, some confusion may exist with regards to using a hardware (hasp) license and a sofware (haspless) license.  


Verisurf Lice​nsing

  1. Verisurf software products requires a Mastercam License.
  2. Mastercam (MC) requires a Software or Hardware License to run.
  3. MC Software License requires an Activation code to run for the first time on a PC.
  4. Verisurf requires an access code (verisurf.acc) tired to the MC License serial number, this enable which Verisurf products are licensed to use.
  5. Quick Surface requires a Token Code that locks QS License to a single PC system ID in order to use.
  6. Moldplus requires XLM file to lock to a system ID or license number, this enable which products are licensed to use.

Please use this terminology when asking which type of License to use for new customer orders.

  1. Software License (no dongle)


  1. Hardware License (HASP USB dongle)

We need to get away from asking “SIM or License”, who besides us knows what a SIM is?

Answer: SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module, inside the USB HASP dongle includes a small SIM integrated circuit holding a unique serial number in memory, which can be fetched using API's like hasp_get_info.

We still use in many places the term SIM# for the serial number of the License.

Software and Hardware Licenses both have a serial numbers that Verisurf uses for product access codes.

Serial numbers that start with N is a Network License and W is a Software License.

Verisurf Product access codes

Verisurf access codes assign which products are licensed to use, an Expiration Date and if it’s on Maintenance (all versions) or up to a specific version number (off- maintenance).

Verisurf products codes are; CAD (Tools), Measure, Build, Analysis, Reverse, Automate, etc.


A Verisurf access code looks something like this.  w/ycNT65rb++0Ys8wjfpoQRnpfocsotw4NPQf+QpABaCkfEHgw=

It gets stored in a versisurf.acc file copied here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Shared Mastercam 2020\Verisurf.

You can use the Code Checker in the Employee portal to check a Verisurf access codes.


Note: Verisurf Device Interface (VDI) no longer needs access codes.

Software License Type and Use Case

As you all may already know, Software licenses are now the default option when purchasing a seat of Verisurf, unless specifically stated otherwise your customer will get a Software License when an order is placed. This guide intends to better educate the reader to make a recommendation on which license type a customer requires.

Software License 

Customer is provided a License Number, Activation Code, and Verisurf Code, this is then activated through the Mastercam Licensing Wizard and is very straightforward. You can even start Verisurf without having any licensing set up and it will prompt you through the steps, just like Verisurf would. 
An Internet Connection is required to activate Verisurf on the PC. However, it is possible to generate an “offline activation license” from a different PC that has an internet connection, then the license can be transferred to the offline computer.
The license is only activated on that machine, you cannot use the activation code on another machine unless the Software License is disconnected from the first PC. (Internet Required)
Ideal license option for most applications
o No shipping cost
o No extra charge
o No lost/broken dongles

Software License (Network) 

The Software License Network option is activated exactly like a standard Software License.
Once the Product is activated, a service (Codemeter) is then manually configured to monitor and manage each seat across the company network. 
Each Client machine is configured to find the server and check out any available license. 
No internet is required on Client machines, the only connection to the company network. 
Users can “Check-out” a license from the network and use the network for a specified amount of time.  (Up to 10 days)
Ideal license option for Networked PCs. Quantity of seats do not matter, a properly configured Software Network License is more beneficial than a standard Software License.
o IT Personnel recommended for Setup

HASP Hardware License

Activated through a Hcode Updater(HaspX) or Hcode File. 
The HASP Dongle is recommended when an existing customer already has a physical HASP.
The Hasp is easily transferred around Company computers, offline or online.
The Hasp can break, become damaged, or lost
Hasps are not compatible with Subscription type licenses.
Hasps have turnaround time when damaged/misplaced

HASP Hardware License (Network)

Activated using the same method as a HASP, but on the Server.
Uses outdated HASP Monitoring services
Relies on a client-side .ini configuration instead of a modern UI program. 
o Requires IT Personnel for Setup
o Doesn’t support off-network usage. (check-out)

Subscription License 

Subscription licenses can only be used with Software Licenses (Single or Network)
Evaluation Licenses can be converted to Subscriptions.  Evaluation licenses are only available as Software Licenses.
Subscription licenses are 1, 2, or 3-year terms.

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