Utilizing High QA and Verisurf

Utilizing High QA and Verisurf


How does High QA and Verisurf work together?


  1. Balloon and assign characteristic IDs on drawings or MBD screenshots using High QA.
    1. Users can assign criticality to the ballooned characteristics, define inspection tools and methods, and group dimensions into specific operation steps if desired.
  2. Verisurf Automate or Report Manager is used to assign characteristic IDs that match High QA’s ballooned drawings or MBD screenshots.
  3. Enable XML V2 from Verisurf Report Manager, Settings, Database Settings, Database Report Type. Define the Database Directory by selecting Browse or pasting the desired file path.

Note: The XML V2 Database Report is required to populate results in High QA.

    1. Users can check the box to Open DB Report if they’d like to review the XML Report, but this option is not often checked.
    2. Users can create a Verisurf Report along with the Database Report by checking the box to Export Database in addition to primary report under Report Manager, Settings, General Options, Additional Options.
  1. Inspection results are immediately available with Automatic Machine Data Import (AMDI). AMDI is defined in High QA to look at the file path specified in Step 3 and automatically populate the results fields in High QA.
  2. With just a few clicks, High QA can present the results in a variety of formats, such as AS9102, PPAP, or any other report format needed, including fully customizable inspection reports.  rf

If there are any further questions, please call Verisurf Support at 1-888-713-7201

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