Verisurf GPU Recommendation Guide

Verisurf GPU Recommendation Guide


What graphics card should I get?


Verisurf recommended graphics cards.


 Would you recommend this Nvidia GTX card?

It’s advised to steer away from GTX or Radeon Graphics cards, which are optimized for Gaming.

·         Mastercam does not officially support GTX/Radeon Cards.

·         More technical details on the differences are here:

·         We recommend a Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro/Radeon Pro Card.


Here is my budget, what card would you recommend?

$0-$200 – (Basic Inspection)

Quadro K4000

$200-$300 – (Basic Inspection/Build to medium sized models/Small Reverse)

Quadro 2200

$300-$450 – (Basic Inspection/Build to larger sized models/medium Reverse)

Quadro P2000

$450-$800 – (Basic Inspection/Build to Large models/Excellent Reverse)

Quadro P4000

$900+ - (Basic Inspection/Build to world.STP/Omega Reverse)

Quadro K6000

How do Processors and RAM effect Verisurf Performance?

RAM - Verisurf will utilize as much processor speed and RAM as available. If scanning in large amounts of data, it’s recommended to have 16GB (ddr4) RAM at a minimum. With todays Hardware speeds, 32GB is highly recommended.

Processor – Verisurf will perform better with higher processor speeds. Basic inspection is fine starting with an Intel i3 processor, but expect better performance with i7 – i9 processors. Be cautious to not bottleneck the PC by buying a powerhouse GPU and lack on the CPU.


What should I keep in mind while looking for a GPU upgrade?

Motherboard – Your motherboard may not support the GPU slot. You will need to check with the Motherboard Manufacturer to determine if a desired Graphics Card has a Compatible slot.

CPU – All motherboards have an Intel Slot, or an AMD slot for AMD/Intel Processors. Some will have both sockets, but this is less common. You will need to check with the Motherboard Manufacturer to determine which slot you have.

Power Supply – Whatever PC you have, if it’s a prebuilt PC, it’s likely the Power Supply will not supply enough power to use a newer graphics card. PC Manufactures will use the lowest wattage as possible. When determining a Power Supply, you may go with nearly anything that’s Gold or above certified.

RAM – RAM is probably the easiest to upgrade, nearly everything will be plug & Play. However, you should ensure that there is enough RAM slots to include more RAM, or make sure you get a bigger size RAM stick that fits in existing Slots.

If additional assistance is still required after performing these steps, please call Verisurf Support at 1-888-713-7201

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