Working with Verisurf remotely Q&A

Working with Verisurf remotely Q&A

Dear Verisurf customer,

Here are some common working remote questions and answers you'll want to familiarize yourself with if you are trying to work with Verisurf from a remote location.

Working with Verisurf remotely

Commonly asked questions and answers

Q: Can I use Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) from my remote PC to my work PC using a HASP?

A: No. You must use a different service such as Splashtop, Team-viewer, Logmein, or GoTo Meeting. Windows RDP prevents launching Verisurf with "No Hasp Found." If Verisurf is already open, you can run and use it.


Q: Can I use Windows RDP from my remote PC to my work PC using a NetHASP?

A: Yes


Q: Can I use Verisurf on my remote PC while using a VPN to my company's NetHASP Server?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I run Verisurf from my Work PC's Installation directly on my laptop?

A: No.


Q: Can I run Verisurf on my remote PC while connected to my VPN, which uses a local Software License?

A: Unless you're using Splashtop, Team-viewer, Logmein, or GoTo Meeting - you must first return the Software License and check it back in on your remote PC.


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